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Date: 2018-04-29 03:51

Andre Fardeau
Anne Hmard
Anne Maugrain
Anne-Francoise de Villeneuve
Antoine Fournier
Carola Lucas
Carole Davy
Catherine Cottenceau
Catherine du Verdier de la Soriniere
Clemente Marchisio
Daniel Brottier
Elizabeth of the Trinity
Felcite Pricet
Francoise Peltier
Francoise-Louis Chartier
Francoise Bellanger
Francoise Bonneau
Francoise Michau
Francoise Micheneau Gillot
Francoise Pagis Roulleau
Francoise Suhard Menard
Frederick Albert
Gabrielle Androuin
Giovanni Mazzucconi
Guillaume Repin
Isidore of Saint Joseph
Jacques Laigneau de Langellerie
Jacques Ledoyen
Jean-Baptiste Lego
Jean Menard
Jean-Michel Langevin
Jose Manyanet y Vives
Joseph Moreau
Laurent Batard
Louise Bessay de la Voute
Marie-Anne Vaillot
Marie Leonie Paradis
Odilia Baumgarten
Perrine Androuin
Perrine Besson
Pierre Delepine
Pierre Fremond
Pierre Tessier
Rafaela Ybarra de Villalongo
Rene Lego
Rosalie du Verdier de la Soriniere
Suzanne Androuin
Victoire Bauduceau Reveillere
Jacqueline Monnier
Jeanne Bourigault
Jeanne Fouchard Chalonneau
Jeanne Gourdon Moreau
Jeanne Gruget Doly
Jeanne Onillon
Jeanne Thomas Delaunay
Jeanne-Marie Leduc Paquier
Jeanne-Marie Sailland d'Epinatz
Louise Poirier Barre
Louise Rallier de la Tertiniere Dean de Luigne
Louise-Aimee Dean de Luigne
Madeleine Blond
Madeleine Cady
Madeleine Perrotin Rousseau
Madeleine Sailland d'Epinatz
Madeleine Salle
Marguerite Riviere Huau
Marguerite Robin
Marie Cassin
Marie de la Dive du Verdier
Marie Fasseuse
Marie Forestier
Marie Gallard Queson
Marie Gasnier Mercier
Marie Gingueneau Couffard
Marie Grillard
Marie Lardeux
Marie Lenee Lepage Varance
Marie Leroy Brevet
Marie Leroy
Marie Pichery Delahaye
Marie Piou Supiot
Marie Rochard
Marie Roger Chartier
Marie Roualt Bouju
Marie-Anne Hacher du Bois
Marie-Genevieve Poulain de la Forestrie
Marie-Jeanne Chauvigne Rorteau
Marie-Louise du Verdier de la Soriniere
Marthe Poulain de la Forestrie
Monique Pichery
Perrine Bourigault
Perrine Grille
Perrine Laurent
Perrine Ledoyen
Perrine Phelyppeaux Sailland
Perrine-Jeanne Sailland d'Epinatz
Perrine-Renee Potier Turpault
Renee Bourgeais Juret
Renee ailleau Girault
Renee Grillard
Renee Martin
Renee Regault Papin
Renee Seichet Dacy
Renee Valin
Renee Marie Feillatreau
Rose Quenion
Simone Chauvigne Charbonneau
Victoire Gusteau

's List of Every Word of the Year

Paula Frassinetti
Korean Martyrs
Andrew Kim Taegon
Jung Hye
Miguel Febres Cordero
Paul Chong Hasang
Cecilia Yu
Agatha Chon Kyonghyob
Agatha Kim
Agatha Kwon Chini
Agatha Yi Kannan
Agatha Yi Kyong-i
Agatha Yi Sosa
Agatha Yi
Agnes Kim Hyoju
Alex U Seyong
Andrew-Chong Kwagyong
Anna Kim
Anna Pak A-gi
Anna Pak Agi
Anthony Daveluy
Anthony Kim Son-u
Augustine Pak Chong-won
Augustine Yi Chin-gil
Augustine Yi Kwang-hon
Barbara Ch'oe Yong-i
Barbara Cho Chung-i
Barbara Han Agi
Barbara Kim
Barbara Ko Suni
Barbara Kwon Hui
Barbara Yi Chong-hui
Barbara Yi
Bartholomew Chong Munho
Benedicta Hyon Kyongnyon
Catherine Chong Ch'oryom
Catherine Yi
Charles Cho Shin-ch'ol
Charles Hyon Songmun
Columba Kim Hyo-im
Columba Kim
Damianus Nam Myong-hyog
Damien Nam Myong-hyok
Elisabeth Chong Chong-hye
Francis Ch'oe Hyong-hwan
Ignatius Kim Chejun
Jacob Chastan
John Baptist Chong Chang-un
John Baptist Nam Chongsam
John Baptist Yi Kwangnyol
John Nam Chong-sam
John Pak
John Yi Kwong-hai
John Yi Munu
John Yi Yunil
Joseph Chang Chugi
Joseph Chang Songjib
Joseph Cho Yunho
Joseph Im Ch'ibaeg
Joseph Peter Han Wonso
Juliet Kim
Justin de Breteničs
Lawrence Han Ihyong
Lawrence Imbert
Lucia Kim
Lucia Park Huisun
Ludovicus Beaulieu
Luke Hwang Soktu
Magalena Ho Kye-im
Magdalene Cho
Magdalene Han Yong-i
Magdalene Kim Obi
Magdalene Pak Pongson
Magdalene Son Sobyog
Magdalene Yi Yong-hui
Magdalene Yi Yongdog
Maria Park K'unagi
Maria Won Kwi-im
Maria Yi Indog
Maria Yi Yonhui
Mark Chong Uibae
Martha Kim
Martin Luke Huin
Mary Yi Yon-hui
Paul Ho
Paul Hong Yongju
Perpetua Hong Kumju
Peter Aumaitre
Peter Ch'oe Ch'ang-hub
Peter Ch'oe Hyong
Peter Cho Kwaso
Peter Chong Wonji
Peter Henricus Dorie
Peter Hong Pyongju
Peter Kwon Tugin
Peter Maubant
Peter Nam Kyongmun
Peter Ryau
Peter Son Sonji
Peter Y Taech'ol
Peter Yi Hoyong
Peter Yi Myongs
Peter Yu Chongyul
Peter Yu Tae-Chol
Protasius Chong Kurbo
Rosa Kim
Sebastian Nam
Simon Berneux
Stephen Min Kukka
Susanna U Surim
Teresa Kim Imi
Teresa Kim
Teresa Yi Mae-im
Thomas Son Chason

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